Are you an advocate for mirrors in the studio?

When it was time to decide, whether to install mirrors in my home studio, I decided to go sans.  From experience I’ve learned, that while a mirror can be a helpful tool, when we consciously focus on our inner experience, progress and retention are more significant.  I am for learning muscle firing and movement patterns from an inner seeing.  I believe in finding it in our own body. Feeling it is owning it.  We then experience the movement kinesthetically.  We deepen the mind body connection.  We have the eye of the instructor to help guide us into better alignment, better execution of movement, through verbal, tactile cues, and mental imagery.

Viewed mindfully, a mirror may be mover’s most honest friend, but more often it can be distracting.  We can catch a glimpse of our reflection, but what exactly crosses our minds in that split second view?  Some movers become fixated.  Are we judging ourselves?  Love the skin you’re in!  I encourage my students to respect and honor their bodies, and to be true to their bodies TODAY.

Some students are visual learners.  They see what they are doing, and that helps them begin to feel it.  For those I keep a portable mirror in the studio.  I have one student though, who prefers to keep her eyes closed throughout most of the session.  She does that not for the sake of adding challenge, but it helps her concentrate, focus, and get deeper into the mind body experience.

What is your preference?  I’d love to hear about it!