Many of my students assume, that I do Pilates everyday. The truth is, that since I started to teach and to develop my studio, it’s not easy to take the time to take care of myself too.  Have I mentioned raising my three wonderful boys on top of it 😉 ?
As mothers we nurture our children, as trainers we continually design new programs according to our clients ever-changing postural faults and sometimes undesirable movement patterns.  We motivate, support, and work to keep it challenging, fresh and fun.  We strive in every possible way to make others’ quality of life better.   We love YOU like our family.
Many of us are familiar with Joseph H.Pilates’ promise: ” In 10 Sessions You Will Feel the Difference, in 20 You Will See the Difference, and in 30 You’ll Have a Whole New Body”. – 1945.  I’ve decided to take the challenge myself.   I may even post before and after snap shots.  Alright then, off I go to take my first session I’ve done in a while. I’ve gotta walk my talk and reap the benefits of doing Pilates too

: )