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What should I wear to a Pilates session?

Fitted clothes are best suited, since that helps us evaluate your posture, and they do not restrict your range of motion.  Avoid wearing clothes that are adorned with buttons or zippers. They tend to catch or worse they hurt.  Yoga pants or fitted long shorts are best.

Toe sox with non slip soles are recommended for added control and hygiene.

Most FAQ How many times a week should I be doing Pilates?

Twice a week is ideal, but Pilates is gentle enough to do every day.  Even if you attend just once a week, you will see results.

Will Pilates help with back pain?

Pilates helps build core strength and improve flexibility.  This will create balance in your muscles and improve your posture.  Practicing a Pilates program, that was customized for your own needs on a regular basis, will help reduce and may prevent back pain.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?

Pilates increases strength and muscle mass.  Muscle burns more calories than soft tissue. Thereby there’s an increase in metabolism, which in combination with a balanced diet will help lose body fat.  Pilates improves posture and that changes your appearance very quickly.  Standing taller makes us appear slimmer.